Growing Up- 4 months and 10 days

Photos does tell a thousand words. In a whizz of time ( 4 months and 10 days),  Baby Cayleb has grown from a tiny-ish newborn to a buzzing infant, drooling and mumbling alien language. He is at his own crossroad, transiting from being stuck motionless, to flipping over, and learning the earthly ways. The Mummy … Continue reading Growing Up- 4 months and 10 days


White Noise

Defined as Noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. As quoted from, Babies love white noise. Let’s start with looking at it from baby’s perspective. They’ve just spent their entire life in the womb. And the womb is deafeningly loud. It is just slightly less loud than a lawnmower. Loud is normal to a … Continue reading White Noise