Cayleb- Week 4 Full Month

Time flies fast when you are having fun. Not exactly fun but everlasting memories of our dear newborn. A good 3 weeks has gone with the wind, and there we are, at his 1st milestone since birth

A picture indeed paints a thousand words. Brilliant photography does better.


Always have the soft spot for silhouette shots.Body posture can tell the affinity, and our dear Cayleb Leow in his calmness amidst all the hustles




We are finally done with the prep works for his full month celebration Preoccupied with the buffet choice, Ang Ku kueh, Red eggs, tarts and guest list. Somehow it feel like the busy preparation for the wedding years back. Uncanny resemblance, falling short of a post-wedding vacation. It will be quite a while before any travel plans. How we miss the freedom, but everything is worth it for the little one indeed. Onward March to the full month celebration.







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