Growing Up- 4 months and 10 days


Photos does tell a thousand words. In a whizz of time ( 4 months and 10 days),  Baby Cayleb has grown from a tiny-ish newborn to a buzzing infant, drooling and mumbling alien language. He is at his own crossroad, transiting from being stuck motionless, to flipping over, and learning the earthly ways.

The Mummy has returned to work, a challenge for the caregiver Granny and to the Daddy. Baby Cayleb is more the anxiety, estranged from the close proximity of his dear mummy, whom he has gone accustomed to, since his descent. He is still in unlimited latching and milk on demand state, and will grumble if such demand is not being meet. Being able to see clearly now at 4 months as shown below:


Source from

Baby Cayleb now “articulate” his preferences, knowing his daily routine and keep an constant lookout for  interesting sightings he never seen before. He demand his feeding with the loud cry, knowing that somebody will be there to serve him and demand the coaxing to sleep with the extreme cry. Hope these “bad” habits will wean off, as he is more and more conscious of his earthly being.


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