Cayleb- Week 2

DSC_1997A sort of routine began to descend to his little being, learning to feel the pattern of the world.  His brief cry seem to signify some action to be taken by us. The tone of his cry can also determine what he is trying to get at in regards to his hungry pangs, pooping or peeing, or poop pee on his diapers, unable to burp well and simply just being cranky. The deciphering of the Morse code has taken an easier path, as one need not be Sherlock Holmes to uncover his intent.

Quoting from,

“To the sleepless parent, newborn sleep might seem totally disorganized.

Newborns sleep in short bouts—typically ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours—at seemingly random times throughout the day and night.

To make things worse for you, newborns awaken easily. This is because they spend a large portion of their sleep time in “active sleep,” a light sleep state characterized by fluttering eyelids; rapid, irregular breathing; occasional body movements; and vocalizations (grunts or brief cries).”

Indeed Cayleb sleeping pattern fluctuate in a drastic manner ranging from a few hours, to very short spans of 15 mins or shorter. This pattern of sleep is prevalent in newborns, which in total should sleep around 16 hours a day. The waking up is characterized by his cry for some intent as above.


We have to pay a few visits to the polyclinic to check the jaundice level. The queue was quite smooth to a certain extent. Similar activities ( Blood-drawing, Consultation) took less than an hour. Cayleb reaction to blood drawing falls on two extreme ends, A calm sleeping mood as if nothing ever happen,embracing himself in his lalaland to the horrific tragedy mood which he scream bitterly, afterwhich he will fall into a deep hush. Otherwise, the jaundice level looks to be at a well-controlled level, but further follow-up the next week.

ONE exciting event for Week 2 was his newborn shoot. We are all excited of how he will present himself, most of the time he can be chilled, but when the big fuss kicks in, he is quite on the extreme end. If his mood swing run in at the photoshoot, it could be a pity.


Upon the arrival at the photoshoot, we were impressed with the quality of the portfolio. Each picture seem to relate to a story, capturing the vivid moments. The photographer was very friendly and had a casual chat before the shoot commences.




Impressive is his patience in handling and pacifying Baby Cayleb to assume the positions most desirable for the posture shots. Baby Cayleb was too at his best behaviour, kept awake for the initial shots, and slowly fade off to his lalaland mode, for latter shots. Thus the process end of well, with most of the angles and styles covered. Await the actual shots to be sent over to us by Week 4. Stay TUNED  for the resultant


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